Chest and Shoulder Stretches

If you do any form of exercise, or sit in an office for long periods of the day, you may experience tightening of the chest or pectoral muscles.

Dario, one of our resident Myotherapists, explains a simple stretch that can be done to help relieve tightening in the chest muscles.

Pectoral Stretches

As Dario explains, adjusting the position of your hand can target different parts of your Pectoral muscle. Placing your hand at head height will hit the middle of your Pectoral Muscle, and placing it lower and higher will target different parts.

Remember to hold stretches for around 30-45 seconds, and repeat on opposite sides.

Shoulder Stretches

By placing your hand in a lower position, and rotating the shoulders out, you can use this stretch to target your shoulders.

If recurrent muscular pain of the neck and/or shoulders is an issue for you, contact us today to see how one of our qualified myotherapists can help.