Myotherapy is a relatively new form of manual therapy aimed at correcting pain conditions. It differs from other practices, such as physiotherapy and chiropractics, because of its chronic pain focus.

Chronic pain is generally classified as any pain lasting three months or more. Myotherapists would agree that many of our pains have most likely stemmed from an underlying movement or postural pattern long before the pain symptoms have appeared. This is largely due to the stresses we place on the body such as poor posture, limited movement, inefficient ergonomics and lack of circulation promoting activities (walking, running, gym, yoga etc.).

Myotherapy aims to realign various structures of the body through remedial massage techniques, dry needling, stretching, exercise prescription and suggesting corrections to environments. Essentially, for many people, if environmental issues are resolved much of an issue will fix itself over time without treatment. Treatments aim to speed up recovery, improve pain symptoms and educate you to manage issues yourself. Ideally, with a better understanding of how your issue arose you will be better equipped to recover and avoid further injury.

Myotherapy treatments can be claimed through your private health insurance. If you have any questions regarding coverage please contact your insurer.



  • Quick appt                       (30 min): $65
  • Follow up appt                (45 min): $75
  • Initial/standard appt    (60 min): $90
  • Long appt                        (90 min): $120

Health rebates available for myotherapy.

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[EXPAND How long do I need to book for?]
A Myotherapy session involves assessment, treatment and re-assessment components, which will vary in time and depth depending on the stage and severity of your condition. We have standardised Myotherapy appointments into initial, follow up and extra long. Most of the time an initial appointment will last between 50-60 minutes and a follow up will run between 35-45 minutes. For patients that have multiple issues an extra long appointment is recommended, which can be between 80-90 minutes.

Initial appointment:

  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Ankle pain

Extra Long appointment:

  • Severe lower back pain
  • Two or more of the above conditions
  • pain in the neck, shoulders and/or upper back teamed with tingling sensations
  • If recommended as appropriate by your practitioner


[Expand How much will I get back from my health insurer?]

Please contact your health insurer to find out what exactly your gap fee will be.  Coverages will vary, but most insurers will pay something towards your treatment. [/EXPAND]