Clinical Pilates Classes in Melbourne

Low back pain is one of the highest costs in health spending globally and has a high social impact and influence on morbidity. Clinical Pilates uses individualized, injury and direction specific, prescribed exercises to restore balance to structures, such as the pelvis with the spine, and works to eliminate low back pain conditions1.

Clinical Pilates will often be initiated by a session with our physiotherapist to determine what the best course of action is for your condition. A course will usually last six weeks and requires you to keep up with a set of progressing exercises during this time. After your six weeks you will be able to join a regular Pilates class or continue on a more general clinical pilates regime.

Sign Up for Pilates in Melbourne and Experience Whole Body Improvement

Many people are discovering the countless benefits that pilates has to offer for both pain conditions as well as general health. Whether you want to break up the continuous cycle of bad posture at your desk or unlock strength for your weekend sporting activities, clinical pilates is a highly effective and research driven form of exercise that can make a notable difference to overall wellbeing.

Clinical Pilates Helps You Achieve Better Body Strength, Balance & Posture

Many elite sporting athletes and teams cross-train with pilates because they understand the importance of balancing the spine and pelvic region to unlock strength and decrease the chances of injury.

In today’s world ergonomics is a huge industry and organisations can spend large sums of money hiring physiotherapists and occupational therapists to assess workspaces and suggest expensive items of equipment. These assessments are invaluable and the equipment is often highly necessary, but none of this is anywhere near as important as keeping active and building core strength to be able fight against bad posture from the get go. A person with a great ergonomic set-up that is not very physically active will experience more problems than someone who has an inefficient ergonomic set-up, but is much more physically active and conscious about their posture.

The best solution? Definitely both! Ensuring that you keep active, either through pilates, yoga or general exercise and getting a health professional to assess your workstation will greatly decrease the chances of attaining a workplace injury and slow the progression of many degenerative diseases, such as arthritis.

We offer clinical pilates in Melbourne for those who wish to reap the many benefits of pilates. Get to know more about clinical pilates in Melbourne or book a class by contacting us today.

1 H, Wajswelner, B, Metcalf & K, Bennell 2011, ‘Clinical Pilates Versus General Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain: Randomized Trail’ Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise pp. 1197-1205.