Corporate Massage

Mind Over Muscle endeavors to bring a high standard service into your workplace by ensuring all of our corporate massage practitioners have clinical experience. We feel very strongly that by having appropriately experienced practitioners, in comparison to purely corporate massage focused therapists, our staff are better able to spot signs of an injury developing and give advice on how to remedy any issues. This may be done through stretch or exercise provision, referral or general advice.

How corporate massage works

With our corporate massage services you can change the feel of your workplace in a instant. Our highly qualified and experienced staff can work in a number of ways depending on what you feel is most appropriate for your workplace.

Therapists can be hired for:

Roaming Massage

Our therapists can provide between 5-10 minute treatments to your staff while they are at their desk. This is perfect for a busy workplace as massage can be given to those who are available and If someone needs to run to a meeting they can be treated afterwards when they are ready.

Sessional Massage

Sometimes the busier the workplace the more massage services are needed. Sessional massage allows your staff to book into between a 15-45 minute session in a separate room, allowing a full escape from the office for the duration of the treatment. Treatments can be done on a face cradle sitting on the side of a table, a massage chair or even a massage table.

Please contact us to find out more.

Co-payment Massage

Corporate massage services can be costly. Many companies have a moderate budget set out for activities such as massage in the workplace; and when staff are given the option to contribute, in order to have massage more regularly, many take up the offer.

User-pays Massage

Just how it sounds! Maybe your staff want the service, but the budget doesn’t allow. Please contact us to find out how to have us in your workplace.

What to expect

With a range of different options available for any size workplace we aim to make corporate massage services even more accessible to your staff. Whether you wish to reward your employees for a job well done, or maybe you owe them an apology, our experienced therapists can cater to their needs. Treatments can be done on a massage table, massage chair or while some one sits at their desk.

Corporate massage sessions can be paid for by staff, employer or a mixture of the two. Regardless if it’s a one off, annual, quarterly or or monthly session we are sure that your staff will be appreciative, more productive and might potentially agree to anything you ask of them while receiving a massage.