Dario Oritz Myotherapist

Myotherapist Dario


After graduating from NMIT with his Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy in 2009, Dario has developed a deepening passion for the goal-oriented aspects of manual therapy. Dario is extremely committed to helping patients achieve their physical goals, whether it is targeted at pain relief or improving sporting performance. With the creation of exercise regimes, advice, mobility techniques, dry needling and other Myotherapy approaches, he is able to address the underlying causes behind symptomatic pains and minimize stress factors on the body.

Being knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology as well as having a keen interest in bodybuilding and bio-mechanics, Dario understands the stresses that sport and office jobs can place on the body. Dario’s philosophy is that knowledge is power. By educating his patients around why injuries have occurred and what can be done about them, patients are more equipped to prevent these injuries from reoccurring.

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