David Wright – Remedial Massage

David Wright - Myotherapist


David’s understanding of anatomy and physiology is an important foundation that helps him better understand any issues that clients may present with. His familiarity of musculoskeletal complaints will help keep you at the top of your game and away from injury; or if something is just not feeling right, he can use classic remedial massage techniques to help restore the balance.

With his background in fitness, David has a deep understanding of take home exercises and stretches to help you recover faster. His scope includes rehabilitation, maintenance, or maybe just a tune up, pre or post activity. During his time off ,David likes to keep up with the newest trends in sports rehabilitation to get a greater understanding on how an athlete should be recovering in the most effective way possible.

He believes in taking time and a patient approach to get through any injury, especially given his personal experiences with a ruptured ACL. This has built his appreciation of the beauty of manual therapy and the benefits that it presents to everyone.