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Remedial massage is no new thing. Founded in techniques derived from Osteopathy, Remedial Massage is a fantastic way to maintain healthy soft tissues during your active lifestyle. During work and exercise we are contracting muscles in odd postures and for long periods throughout the day. This causes areas of muscle to stay contracted (tension) and restricts the flow of blood through these areas (like a scrunched up sponge) slowing down the healing process and causing pain. Muscles need blood the same way our stomach needs food and even if we are living an active lifestyle we can still neglect certain areas of our soft tissues from blood and the nutrients that they need. Remedial massage is a great way to correct any misalignments and reintroduce much needed blood into soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia and muscles).

Myotherapy, while also founded in Osteopathic techniques and more advanced than Remedial Massage, is newer, lesser known and has almost exclusively been practiced in the state of Victoria (more specifically Melbourne). It has only been around as a qualification since roughly 1989, but is becoming more and more popular by the day due to the enormous successes it has had at treating chronic pain conditions. Myotherapists in Melbourne (from the viewpoint of claiming health insurance) have a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in either Musculoskeletal Therapy or Myotherapy. Therapists are equipped with a range of assessment techniques that other types of acute injury practitioners have, such as physiotherapists and osteopaths, yet they are able to implement these to chronic conditions in a similar way to remedial massage therapists.

Pilates classes to compliment treatments and maintain results

Our Pilates classes are split into two separate areas: Group Pilates Classes (up to 10 students) and Clinical Pilates Classes (up to 4 students). The main difference is that Clinical Pilates Classes are done in conjunction with other treatments you may be having, such as Physiotherapy or Myotherapy, and are tailored specifically to complement what your practitioners are trying to help you achieve in sessions with them (realign pelvic tilts, improve balance/stability in spinal and pelvic regions etc.).
Group Pilates classes are a great way to maintain results that you have achieved through working with our other clinical practitioners. It is very easy to slip into old routines and forget about the pains that prompted us to getting help in the first place. Keeping up with Pilates Classes and home exercise is one of the most effective things you can to do minimize or avoid chronic pain symptoms after you have finished seeing your practitioner for the acute stages of the injury or pain.

Physiotherapy for everyone

Physiotherapy can help people suffering from movement related problems and is suitable for sports injuries, age related problems, pregnancy issues and a huge range of other physical ailments. If you are an active sportsperson, martial artist or weekend worrier, physiotherapists can help you get back to a pain free and highly functional state. Misalignment from a disproportionate strength in muscles can cause nerve impingements and other painful conditions that other varieties of practitioners have trouble treating. Physiotherapists use a mixture of manual treatment methods and exercise prescription to help realign and stabilise joint structures to ease pressure on nerves and unlock strength in muscles you never knew you had.

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