Workplace Health Services

Mind Over Muscle is committed to the health and well being of its patients, many of which are office workers. We know that most organisations have the best intentions when it comes to the health and safety of their staff and, like individuals setting a new years resolution, it is easy to forget about these strategies when the tasks at hand keep us bogged down.

We have put together a suite of services covering a range of issues that we think are important for any workplace. We can help design a tailored workplace health program to suit any budget and any size company. If there is a service you would like to know more about and is not on our list, please send us an inquiry as we have alliances in almost every field.

Workplace Massage

With a range of different options available for any size workplace we aim to make massage services even more accessible to your staff. Whether you wish to reward your employees for a job well done, or maybe you owe them an apology, our experienced therapists can cater to their needs. Treatments can be done on a massage table, massage chair or while some one sits at their desk.

Sessions can be paid for by staff, employer or a mixture of the two. Regardless if it’s a one off, annual, quarterly or or monthly session we are sure that your staff will be appreciative, more productive and might potentially agree to anything you suggest while receiving a massage.

Ergonomic Assessments

It is a fact of life that we are a product of our environment (at least physically) and seeing as we spend so much time at our desks they are bound to have an effect on our bodies. The harsh reality is that most of the conditions we see in our clinic are related to patients working habits or workstation setups and, unfortunately, many are set up poorly.

Workers with an existing injury or anyone complaining of a current pain must have an initial assessment before their ergonomic assessment so that we can better understand and cater to their condition. Please bring our awareness to any workers in this category at the time of booking.

Ergonomic Seminars

Our ergonomic seminars embrace the “teach a man [or woman] how to fish” principles by equipping them with a basic knowledge on how to set up their own workstations with an emphasis on monitoring individual pains and acting upon what those pains can relate to. These seminars focus on the “why” of ergonomics rather than trying to sell fancy equipment. Why is chair height important? Why do the keyboard and mouse need to sit closer to the body? Why does my neck ache? The sessions are run by clinical practitioners who see a wide number of work related injuries and any general questions relating to pain management are welcome during sessions.

Catering to group sizes anywhere from more intimate sessions with 10 people or to entire departments of 200 people.

Workplace Health Checks

Workplace Health Checks are run by Dr. Avneet Hansra, who has an interest in integrative medicine. The health checks include anything from type II diabetes risk assessment to urine drug screens (for roles requiring operation of heavy equipment).

For pricing and service details please fill in the form to the right and we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible.