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Here at Mind Over Muscle, we truly believe that our bodies are the best tool that we will ever have and use in our lives so we are dedicated to making sure that our patients get the most out of themselves mentally as well as physically and learn that our bodies are made to aid and protect us, and not be a burden or slow us down given the right care!


For years I had a shoulder/left arm injury which I could never get rid of until I saw Dario. He understood straight away what was happening with my shoulder and with his treatment he was able to fix me up.
Tyson Wood
I am guaranteed that you are in good hands if you leave to him. After every session, you can feel the good soreness from his work and well-oiled machine on the next day!
Azhar Ahmad
Dario made me feel so comfortable as soon as I arrived and helped relieve my back pain which was hurting constantly. I can now hit the gym again without discomfort. Definitely would recommend him to others!

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